Our Impact

The Difference we are making

In the London Borough of Sutton, it is estimated that 18% of Sutton residents live in poverty, rising to 25% of children living in the borough (Sutton’s Strategic Needs

Here are findings from our recent 2022 Survey and how it impacted the people in the local area between 2021- 2022. We are delighted to share feedbacks of our Neighbours (service users) and determined to continue to support them.

The highlight of findings in questionnaires:

  • Over satisfaction to the project is very high (Over 96%). 
  • Generally users felt themselves more sociable after joining the project (over 66%) and felt less isolated (over 64%). 60% of them revealed that they knew how to socialize with others better. However only around 40% of them suggested that they had spent more time with friends. This might because users did not see other users they met in the service as 'friend' literally. 
  • Over 65% users felt more helpful since joining the service and around 62% of them suggested that their wellbeing has been improved. Almost half of them (48%) believed that they were more able to solve problem.
  • Around 90% of users stated that the project has great impact on them in terms of their own aspects.  

Which area postcode do you live?

Most of our Neighbours are from the London borough of Sutton (whereas some from Croydon, Kingston and Wandsworth borough). It is showing that there is high demand throughout the whole borough but particularly in Carshalton (SM5) and central Sutton (SM1) area.

Where did you hear about Sutton Community Project?

More than half of our Neighbours (58.4%) are referred from Citizen Advice Bureau and find us via Sutton Council website. We also found that some who are no longer able to receive support from Food Bank seek our help and get recommendation from friends / families.

Miss A (Unemployed Young adult) 

 "Before we have joined the project we ate a lot of readymade food everyday as we cannot afford buying the fresh one. But now we can have fresh food and I felt much healthier" 

  • DESCRIPTION: Miss A joined the project since Christmas 2021. She often comes to the centre by bus with her family. She enjoys the atmosphere here and found herself more socialized as she is able to meet other people in the community every week.

  •  PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly, Easy-going, Polite
  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Have a cup of tea / drinks, Talk with people, Help to get a food box for a neighbour
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Healthy food Community cohesion Talk to people (more socialize)
  •  CHALLENGES: Unemployed, Rising costs of living, Unhealthy diet
  •  NEEDS: Healthy food 

Mrs. B (A three children mother) 

 "It was hard to ask for help. I felt alone. Thanks for support from my neighbor. I have came out from the shell and meet people who are in the same boat, I am not alone. The project is more than food."  

  • DESCRIPTION: Mrs. B joined the project for around a year. She was struggling in living due to the pandemic. She felt guilty and shameful to ask for help. Her friend encouraged her to collect a food box here and through interacting with other users and volunteer, she felt welcome and support.

  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Meet friends
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Nice and friendly people (users and volunteers) Vegetable
  •  CHALLENGES: Struggling in living Isolation Shameful to seek help
  •  NEEDS: Healthy food, Break isolation 

Mrs. C (The only carer of the family) 

 "My husband is not fit to work due to his health condition and we have kids and seniors to look after. Now we can have fresh and healthy food every week securely. And inspired by the people here, I become a volunteer and deliver food boxes to the others as well."

  • DESCRIPTION: Mrs. C joined the project for a year. Her family was struggling in living as her husband was unable to work due to a health condition. Coming to project can provide her fresh and health food every week and opportunity to socialize with people.
  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Meet friends, Delivery food boxes to other users
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Secure food boxes, Friendly people, Fresh and health food
  •  CHALLENGES: Struggling in living
  •  NEEDS: Relieve the financial burden, Healthy food 

Mrs. D (A four kids mother) 

 "My husband is a substance abuser and used all his salary for drugs. We can hardly survive without the project as they provide us food weekly. I enjoy coming here every week as I can find support from the community."

  • DESCRIPTION: Mrs. D joined the project for around year. She was very difficult in managing the bills of her family as her husband used all their money for drugs. With the project now she can have food regularly. And she can enjoy a coffee without taking care four kids and the housework.

  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Meet friends, Have a drink
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Fresh food to save money, Easy to join, no need to register with forms and asking a lot of question
  •  CHALLENGES: Financial burden, Family at risk
  •  NEEDS: Food, Daily essential, Stuff for children (clothes, toys, stationery etc.), Good education for children 

Mrs. E (A single mother of an infant) 

 "It's a miserable living on my own. I felt sorry to my daughter. I settled in here quickly here as people are friendly. They cheer me up and I feel positive now and mentally stronger than before."

  • DESCRIPTION: Mrs. E joined the service for around 2 months. Her partner left her and her daughter and she can only live on benefit. The abusive relationship with her partner made her defensive and cannot trust people easily. The supportive environment here made her feel comfort and relieve, and she feels mentally positive now.

  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Meet friends, Having drink
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Emotional support from peers, Fresh and health food
  •  CHALLENGES: Struggling in living, Emotional distress
  •  NEEDS: Emotional support, Support in daily essential and bills, Support in childcare 

Mrs. F (A three children mother)

 "It's really difficult for us as only my husband works and the salary is not enough for us as we have three children to raise. The project helps us a lot, to ease our food bill and we can save our money for our kids' stuff. We cannot afford to buy them clothes and shoes before."

  • DESCRIPTION: Mrs. F has a low income family where only her husband works. The project provide her food regularly where she can serve the table with healthy food like vegetable that she rarely bought before.

  •  THINGS TO DO IN THE SERVICES:  Meet friends, Learn new recipes from others
  •  REASONS FOR THE PROJECT TO ENGAGE WITH YOU: Healthy food especially vegetable, Someone remember and care about me, A strong community
  •  CHALLENGES: Insufficient income for living, Food bill, Stuff for kids
  •  NEEDS: Food, Support in daily essential and bills, Support in kids' stuff