Sutton Community Project offers a safe place to sit down, have tea / fresh coffee & homemade cakes and a chat to people who visit or volunteers. It's located in a very peaceful old Victorian library next to the veg box collection room, for you to grab a moment to relax, make new friends, enjoy being a part of your supportive local community and a sense of belonging. Everyone welcome.

Crochet / Knitting Group

For all generations - Join our welcoming friendly knitting group today

A new crochet & knitting group has started in January 2022 in the library by ladies with years of experience and passion to teach others while boxes of fresh food were being distributed in Room 14.  Wonderful to see the community finding a new place for mental relaxation. It's on every Tuesday from 3.30pm. You are more than welcome to just turn up with your knitting kit and share your skills or learn from others.

Place for families

We're really glad to see local mums are coming regularly and meeting here - exchanging information, making new friends and showing support for each other. Passing on the old school uniform that your child no longer wear to a family who desperately need it and and appreciate a little helping hand from another local mum in the area. Offering to bake a birthday cake for a child who cannot afford otherwise. While kids are happily playing together in the library doing crafts or drawing, it gives a chance for mums to chat and getting to know each other.

Time to Chat

Some visitors come for a chat, not for food box!  The cafĂ© area in the Library is open from 2-6pm. People often just want to sit down and talk, that's absolutely fine! Being a part of a community can help you improve your mental health and there are many benefit of emotional wellbeing. 

English Conversation

There are many volunteers who would love to chat to local people and practice their English. If you are happy to chat and help them to integrate, please let us know.